Flip book element


Available materials include: stainless steel , perforated stainless steel , titanium coated stainless steel , aluminum , brass , bronze , copper , hot rolled steel and Corten. Finishes available include: light/med/dark shades of oxidization, brushed satin #4, mirror polish, titanium finishes – including, NuGold™, NuBronze, NuCopper™, black hairline, acrylic polyurethane paint, lacquer, powder coating and numerous proprietary mechanical finishes.

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Vinyl Decals


Since the last couple of years, the demand and popularity of Vinyl Graphics and Lettering has been skyrocketed and most of the businesses these days want to get quality service and designs for the same; thanks to the varied range of advantages:

  • Vinyl is great for precise lettering and numbers
  • Designed from eye-catching colored material
  • Precise cut and great shape
  • Easy to swap out
  • Longer lifespan
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Gemini Precision tooled Plaques

PRECISION AND PERFORMANCE. With Gemini’s precision plaque tooling capabilities, even the most articulated logo”s and small lettering can be captured in crisp detail. Choose versatile and light weight aluminum, or the distinctive look of bronze and brass, all in earth-friendly and mercury-free alloys, to profuse lasting communication designed to endure the toughest environmental conditions for decades. and there’s no up charge for distinctive boarders and braille.

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Gemini Cast Plaques

precision and permanence. Metal casting is a 6,000 year old art form that has stood the test of time. are artisans sculpt molds that reflect a 3 dimensional expression of your art work and manually pour molten bronze or aluminum from our nonpolluting electric foundry furnaces to produce a timeless, durable, one-piece work of art that is hand finished to exquisite results. Choose Gemini cast products for your next project that require multi-level surface, including faithful portrayals of people, images, scenes and dimensional seals that will be forever immortalized in timeless expression.

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Gemini Etched Plaques

PRECISION AND ARTISTIC FREEDOM. Gemini’s chemical etching is a proprietary process that allows us to transfer your most complex artwork to a brass. bronze or stainless surface.Your text and the most fine-detailed line-art graphics are surfaced etched with incredible results, producing a recessed area of the material surface that is paint filled with your choice of colors. Etched photos are created with halftone images,which resemble newspaper photographs with visible depth patterns. the dots are filled with dark paint to contrast with the etched metal finish.

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Gemini Cast Metal letters and logo’s

CLASS AND DISTINCTION. For decades Gemini has been a leading producer of the highest quality, hand-finished cast aluminum and bronze letters in their metal metal foundries, with all electric pollution-free furnaces. Obtain the timeless look with surprising economy in your choice of cast bronze or aluminum. Choose from a variety of finish options, all performed in- house and shipped with industry leading lead times.

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Styrene Sign

Our Styrene Signs are digitally printed on a 4′ by 8′ sheet, and can have multiple designs on them to streamline the printing process. They are printed with full bleed, unlimited color, and can be both single-sided or double-sided.

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