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4mm Corrugated Plastic Signs – Individual Sizes

These corrugated plastic signs are digitally printed on a 4 millimeter white corrugated plastic material that is lightweight and portable. This makes them easy to install while also being durable enough to withstand extended outdoor use. We also offer three wire stake options to accommodate small or large yard signs. If you need to hang your signs on a wall or fence, then select grommets. Choose from single or double-sided printing for two way interaction with your sign! plastic yard signs are a versatile solution for many business and personal needs. From real estate Open Houses to garage sales, these products will inform everyone of events taking place in the community

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Q: What exactly is white corrugated plastic material?

A: Corrugated plastic is a sturdy 4mm material with vertical flutes for added reinforcement. These are often used for yard signs. This material can be ordered in corrugated plastic sheets as well as individually.

Q: Are plastic yard signs waterproof?

A: These signs are weather-resistant and waterproof. They will be affected by strong winds due to their lightweight nature.

Q: What is the most common size for these signs?

A: The most widely ordered lawn sign size is 18” x 24”. The sizes range from 10” x 16 to 36” x 36. Our 10 mm corrugated plastic is also available in these sizes.

Q:  What is the minimum order amount?

A: The minimum order quantity is one. We do offer a bulk discount, so the more signs you order, the larger discount you will receive per unit.

Q: What accessories are available for yard signs?

A: Optional accessories include grommets in the corners, 4 different sizes of H-Stakes and study beefy stakes.

H Stake: 10″ X 24″ :  Yard Sign Accessories



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